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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Welcome and happy February!
Visit TD at or

From an interview at 101

What is it about vampires that for you as a writer make them such interesting characters?

I fell in love with my first vampire at the ripe old age of six. I've always found them fascinating as a reader. I've studied them both as fiction and as non-fiction. As a writer, they are wonderful because they represent human desires. They are a strong icon in almost every culture for sexuality and lust/desire. What better to drive a novel? With a vampire, you have a character who can trigger things that a more traditional character wouldn't be able to. Jack would never give Baby a tumble if she were a normal mortal. But you add that touch of the supernatural and she's everything he wants. There's something appealing about taking someone outside
the everyday - doing something that turns their world upside down. Vampires are great for that.

You now have three vampire stories. They are obviously not a series, but are they set in the same vampire universe?

Not really though they are outgrowths of the same universe. I played with some amateur stories that became DANCING IN THE DARK and IN THE LONELY DEAD OF MIDNIGHT. While re-writing the stories with the intent of seeking a publisher, I realized some alterations to the core universe needed to be made for the stories to work for a more general audience. For VAMPIRE ENCOUNTERS; SECOND CHANCES I made some different choices on how I wanted that world to operate because I wanted the hero to be more human. There are some substantial differences in the vampires in all three stories, so I have say all three are set in different universes.

How did you come up with the idea of writing a vampire police procedural novel?

My basic plots often come to me in a flash. Seriously, I'll get the story line instantly. And vampires are a long time love. I had been playing with a vampire series for about a year and was wondering what sort of man would really appeal to Baby Roxton. And *pop* there was Jack. Then it was just a matter of filling in the breaks - what would make a profiler want to be involved with a vampire? What kind of guy would he be? How would all the characters interact?
I love mysteries and always have. I'd been watching some forensics shows and wanted to play with that. After I finished the 1st draft, I started looking into how real FBI profilers operate and discovered John Douglas, author of MINDHUNTER and several others on his life as the premiere profiler of his generation. I still can't believe that he not only read DANCING IN THE DARK but likes it and has become one of my biggest supporters. I'll admit I get all smooshie when he tells me he's proud of my literary accomplishments.
My Secret Yankee named Eppie 2006 Finalist!

***** Feature Book****

My Secret Yankee by T. D. McKinney & Aimée Masion ISBN: 1-59279-318-5 (Electronic) ISBN: 1-59279-814-4 (Paperback) Cover by Trace Edward Zaber Copyright ©2004

Angele Valmont struggles to make the best of things when Federal troops pour into New Orleans and the despicable "Beast" Butler imposes martial law upon the city. She is determined to see her business and her family survive the losses of the vicious war. But the appalling Order No. 28 leaves her stripped of dignity and susceptible to violent attack by the dregs of the Union army.
Major James Darling resents being stationed in the muggy town of haughty Creoles and serving under a reprobate like Butler. When he is forced to physically defend one red-haired belle from his brothers in arms, his lot seems unbearable as well as boring. Angele's leonine eyes hold him in a thrall from which he can't bear to be free.

The Union major and the Confederate lady spark passion within each other no common sense or sense of duty can quench. If exposed, their secret love affair can ruin lives and set scandal burning across the French Quarter. If forever hidden, however, it will break their hearts...
Best Romance (Historical)

At fictionwise!

"In the grand tradition of Janet Dailey and Nora Roberts, My Secret Yankee is a delightfully rich tapestry of life in occupied New Orleans. Ms. McKinney and Ms. Masion take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotion as they introduce us to the Valmont family. Wealthy Creole aristocrats, they love where they will regardless of scandal. While Angele Valmont and Major James Darling's romance may be the centerpiece of the story, they share the screen delightfully with Charlie Valmont's more proper courtship by Captain Wesley Leighton. Add in Séverin Valmont and his deliciously scandalous liaison with Antoine Broullette and you wonder just who's proper and who's not. Still, I long for a second novel, for while all's well and good, a war still rages, the major and the captain are still in the military, too many things could ruin the Valmont happiness. I want another novel about this lovely family, just to be assured that things stay well."--MeriBeth McCombs, Professional Reviewer
"Slightly wicked, deliciously lovely, My Secret Yankee begins with the proclamation from Major-General Benjamin Butler's heinous General Order # 28 posted to Angele Valmont's house. The genteel society of New Orleans' Creole upper crust unfolds in a glamorous tale of love, honor and deception. Major James Darling of the Union Army learns the torment of loving Angele, a beautiful Rebel, while the war rages around them. This is a 'must-read' for Civil War buffs and romance lovers alike."--Wanda Horton, Author, President North Texas Professional Writers Association and charter member Pulpwood Queens of Tarrant County

Angele answered the pounding on her front door with trepidation in her heart and a gun in her hand. Stumbling backward as the shutters covering her front door were wrenched open, she stared dumbfounded as her Yanqui hero grabbed her shoulders with firm hands and blazing eyes.
"You can't do it. You can't throw your life away on some man who doesn't even like women. I won't let you."
She blinked up at him. She had no idea what he was talking about, but his voice was just as beautiful as she remembered.
"You shouldn't be here," she whispered.
Then she made the mistake of looking directly into his eyes and coherent thought fled. With a groan, he kissed her with three days' worth of hunger. Her arms wrapped about him and she returned the kiss with need equal to that flowing from him. Already dressed for bed, she could feel every line of his hard body through her thin night rail and it ignited a fire deep inside her.

Sign The Wall Contest continues!

Offered by: T.D. McKinneyDeadline for entry: February 28, 2006Details:

Have you signed her Graffiti Wall yet!? Come sign!!! Everyone who signs by the end of February is in for a drawing for this prize of a basket of bath goodies!
To find out who wins join her newsletter! The winner will be posted there. Send a blank email to:
Enter now!


Dancing In The Dark
(Book I of The Shield & The Darkness Series) by T. D. McKinney ISBN: 1-59279-290-1 (Electronic) ISBN: 1-59279-825-X (Paperback) Cover by Trace Edward Zaber Copyright ©2004

Jack Niemczyk is a mindhunter, a profiler. An expert at putting himself inside the minds of some of the most twisted killers ever to plague the country, he has been a FBI Special Agent for nearly twenty years. There isn't much he hasn't seen or hunted. Now he's been sent to New Orleans to find yet another serial killer. He hates the city, he hates the case, and he hates his partner on the task force, a Cajun loose cannon named Remy Lambert. With the investigation rapidly heading south, the last thing Jack needs is the attentions of an underworld crime lord's mistress with the dress sense of a Bourbon Street hooker.
Bold and brazen, Baby Roxton is everything Jack finds unattractive in a woman—until he sees her fangs and tastes her blood. Now her Pet, Jack is as consumed by his newfound sexual addiction as he ever was by his need to stop a murderer.

Swept into the semi-secret world of vampires that exists side by side with the everyday in the decadent glory of New Orleans, Jack has to use everything at his disposal—including his vampire mistress' money and political influence to stop a human monster...
Dream Realm Award Finalist—Best Horror!
Preditors & Editors 2005Best Horror Novel - 2nd PlaceBest Mainstream Novel - 2nd PlaceFallen Angels Recommended Read
Buy it here:

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Emma Bruce


Read an excerpt here!
The Lusty Zilosecs Vol. 1: COLT by Emma Bruce
Venus Press

Laura Heller is a journalist for "Cooking and Home" and desperate for answers. Two years ago her nineteen-year-old brother disappeared around Labor Day, while hanging out at a campfire with some friends. Laura's mother is dying from breast cancer, and the only peace that will let her die happy is knowing what happened to her son.

A woman named Cady tells Laura to search out her brother Colt Badman, for he is a Zilosec with special powers that border on clairvoyancy. Colt is the only one who can tell Laura the truth about the circumstances surrounding her brother's disappearance. When Laura finds Colt, she is mesmerized by his dark, brooding sexuality. He is a special Zilosec who are cousins to the traditional warlock type. Colt has the strongest gifts for "seeing" the past and future. He never wanted nor embraced this curse that his sister insists is a blessing. Colt never expected that when Laura entered his life, she would have him "seeing" the world in a whole new light. She will bring new meaning to the words love, lust and a future. The question is, does Laura feel the same way?

"Colt" is one of the sexiest short stories I have ever read. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this series. This book balances the perfect components of raw, dark sexuality and the lighthearted nature of love. Colt is a man that ever woman/girl would like to meet once in her life and perhaps even conquer, even if for one night. Emma Bruce has written a story that will gain a big fan following for those like tortured heroes of the paranormal type.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mary Winter!

Available now!
Inherititng Mason

Available now!
Juli's Choice!

Coming January 4th

Mary commutes between her dream home near the Mark Twain national forest in Missouri, and her current residence in Iowa. She lives with a menagerie of animals including an opinionated horse and a cat who was a dog in past life. When not writing spicy tales of erotic romance, she enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy, spending time with her horse, and enjoying the outdoors. Lucky for her, her partner (hero) shares these same passions, and usually both of them can be found in their respective dens writing.
The picture below was taken 04/04 when Mary and Steve went to the Bahamas on a Sales & Service Stars conference hosted by her employer. They stayed at the Atlantis resort, which was just breathtaking. She chose the "dolphin experience" as her activity and was able to spend some time in the water with Alex, a playful dolphin. It was truly a memorable experience.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A hot new book hitting Barnes And Noble! Susan DiPlacido!

Visit her at!

"The only thing you might not like about this book is your inability to put it down."
~Janalee Ruschhaupt for Road to Romance
An Erotic Romance
Romantic comedy in tone, this is the story of an uptight accountant who loses her inhibitions, but gains much more, when she leaves her beloved New York to work for an eccentric and charming billionaire in romantic Italy.

Mutual Holdings
What it's about
A successful New York accountant, Lisa Russo is happily single. At thirty she has a growing career, a nice home, and her nights are rarely lonely. It doesn't hurt that her business partner and ex-flame, Tony Mancuso, is always nearby to offer advice, and more, whenever she desires it.
But Lisa's pleasantly structured life gets thrown into chaos when handsome and sophisticated businessman Gianni Loren hires her to reconcile some of his foreign holdings. Gianni, however, is quickly smitten with much more than just Lisa's business sense. As the vibes between them progress from savvy to sultry, he asks her to join him back in Italy as a permanent member of his company, and his life.
But Lisa is not sure she's willing to give up her thriving career at home to risk it all on this one enigmatic foreigner, especially now that Tony, suddenly faced with the possibility of a life without her, is turning up the heat to keep her in the business, and with him.

Available in paperback!
Barnes & Noble.
Your local Barnes & Noble! -- They should have a copy of this book in stock, but if they don't, you can ask them for it and they can get a copy for you!

Getting the work done is crucial. But getting it done right is just as important.
It takes a couple of bleats from the phone to fully break my concentration. I finish adding the column I'm on before glancing over. The display reads extension 101, my partner Tony Mancuso's number. It bleats again but I don't pick up. Instead, I cross-check the number on my machine with what's written on the form. Right now, I just don't have time for nonsense.
The phone rings again, but this time it's the buzz of the intercom. I just sigh. “You in there, Lisa?" Tony asks.
“No," is all I say.
"I have a question for you."
"Do we have to go through this every year? The answer is yes, debits must equal credits, Tony," I say and reach to click him off.
"That's not the question."
"Debits are on the left. That's all I can tell you right now."
"It's not that. I want to come in and appraise your assets."
Translation: Mancuso is horny because it's tax day and watching everyone clock all these billable hours turns him on.
I sigh and ask, "Don't you ever get tired of that line?" I've still got plenty of work looming, so I just don't have the drive for anything other than completing the work. For a couple of months during tax season, all I do is work. I eat quick meals of crappy take out and don't go to the gym or to movies or even really watch television. I just work until I'm tired and then go to sleep and get up in the morning and start again. So when the last form is finally filed, I'm ravenous.
A good meal, some rich wine, beautiful music, and my libido soars. I guess that's how I unwind.
And even though we're not a couple anymore, and even though we started seeing other people a few years ago, it usually still works out that Tony and I are both single when tax day rolls around. So we fall back into the habit of each other to chew up all that pent-up tension.
But I thought he's been dating someone for a few months now.
"I'll be right there," he says, and before I have a chance to protest, he clicks off.
Did I lock the door? I think I did lock it. I'm not getting up to unlock it. I don't have time for this nonsense yet. I just want to get finished. I grab another form off the left-hand stack and start verifying the line items against the corresponding back-up documentation. Elbow-deep in piles of paperwork, as I finish each page and toss it to the right-hand stack of completed forms, it's not much a small trill of exhilaration so much as a feeling of relief, like a noose slipping a notch looser.
There's a light rapping outside the door and I can't help but grin as he says from outside, "Open up, babe." I stay seated and start adding another column.
But then the door handle jiggles. Looking up, I see it turn. Dammit! I didn't lock the door.
"Brought you some coffee," Tony says as he lets himself in.
"I don't have time for coffee," I snap, but then instantly regret it as I get a whiff. It's strong and fresh, he must've just brewed it.
He doesn't make me admit that I do want it. Instead he sets it on the corner of my desk, just past the completed pile. "It's there if you want it," he says.
He's bringing me hot, fresh-brewed coffee, but my twelve years of familiarity with Tony has taught me that what that really means is that he's looking to get fresh with me.
"Ok. Thanks." I nod. When I reach for it, he takes the opportunity to half-sit, half-lean against the now open spot on the corner of my desk.
"Still grinding it out, huh?"
I just wave my hand across the desk in answer.
"How much longer you gonna be?"
"Tony," I sigh and try to measure my words, and tone. "You do this every year. It's April 15th, and it's 12:30 in the afternoon. We're a little..."
"It's 1:45, Lisa."
"What?" I nearly shout it. Every muscle tenses as a bolt of panic zings to my stomach. I spill some of the coffee on my lap. Hot, very hot. I stand and brush at it before it leaks through my skirt and burns me.
"What the hell are you wearing?" Tony laughs as I rise.
Looking down, I feel foolish. I've got my favorite old Rutger's t-shirt on with my beloved Armani skirt that I've been wearing since yesterday, which is now stained with coffee, and my ratty old green frog slippers on my feet.
"That's even worse that usual for you!" he says.
"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask.
He keeps laughing. "And you got haughty with me about making casual Fridays a theme day?"
"Listen," I say as I take my seat again. "I've been here all night. Working. That doesn't exactly compare with you trying to make the office into the pimps-n-hos ball, ok?"
"Oh, stop it," he says, crossing his feet and arms. "It was seventies disco theme, that's all."
"Whatever." I swivel and look out the window behind me. We're on the 21st floor, but the view is blocked by another skyscraper across the street. Still, I can tell by the way the light is reflecting off the windows at a lower angle that it is later in the day than I thought. I tell him, "I really have to get back to work here. I've got a lot to do."
"The troops are getting restless, Lisa."
"Well, then they'd better hurry. We have to get all this crap postmarked by midnight, so I want it all done by eleven at the latest."
"They are all done," he says. "Jill's finishing up the last return right now, and you have all the others right here."
"This is it?" I ask, the noose loosening even more.
Tony pushes off the desk and moves around behind my chair, placing his hands on my neck. Part of me feels self-conscious. I've been so busy I haven't had time for even the most basic cosmetic tweaks for a few weeks, including coloring my hair. I'm only 30, but a couple years ago I got my first few scraggly gray hairs peeking through the reddish brown, and they grow right out of my natural part so they're quite obvious. I haven't dyed them in weeks, but at least I've taken the time to part my hair on the other side to try and conceal them. I have a feeling that Mancuso isn't interested in inspecting my scalp right now anyhow.
He massages lightly at the top of my shoulders, telling me, "You did it again, Gladiator. Another season in the books."
"Almost in the books," I warn him as I look to the bulky stack of forms still on the left-hand side of my desk. "And I see you've been hanging out with the stockbrokers on the 17th floor again."
"What makes you think that?"
"Because we're accountants, Tony. We don't use warrior terms like 'gladiator' to describe ourselves. Brokers love that Sun Tzu shit."
"How come they get to be gladiators and we have to be bean counters?"
"Because they have inflated egos, that's why. And half of them are meth freaks. Besides. I wouldn't be a gladiator anyhow. All of them out there," I say and wave to the offices and cubicles outside my door, "are the gladiators."
"Yeah? Then what would that make you, babe?"
"I would be a centurion."
He laughs approvingly. Says, "And I guess that'd make me Caesar."
He keeps lightly rubbing at my neck. For such a big guy, he's really got an amazingly light touch. I hadn't even noticed the stiffness and cricks, but now that the gentle warmth of his palms is melting over my skin, I can feel the tightness loosening. He moves back to my shoulders, kneading softly, then works back to my neck again, his thumbs making light circles along my vertebrae.
His hands wander to my shoulders, then down my arms, rubbing up and down as he leans down and speaks close to my ear. Saying, "You put in a lot of time this year."
"Mm hm," I answer. "You know what that means."
He whispers it, softly, hot and moist breath tickling my ear. "Billable hours, babe."
I shiver. He kisses my neck.
I try to pull it together. I stiffen my back and lean forward, pulling away from him. "Enough for now," I tell him. "I still have to finish this pile."
He kisses my neck again. "I'll help you with it," he says.
I laugh.
"Oh, come on now," he says.
"You come on, Mancuso. You hate the paperwork."
"I may not like it, but that doesn't mean I won't do it."
"When was the last time you did any of heavy paperwork? I bet Seinfeld# was still on TV!"
He laughs, because he knows it's true. But he doesn't back off. He leans down and places his mouth against my neck. Instead of kissing, he puts his lips and tongue against my neck and blows hard, gives me a big, wet, noisy raspberry. It tickles and makes me recoil and laugh harder.
"Ahh," he says as he straightens up. "It's good to hear you laugh. I haven't heard you laugh in weeks."
"Well, the thought of you doing actual paperwork always amuses me, Tony."
He moves around in front of me, devilish grin on his face. Raising his eyebrows, he says, "Know what else I haven't seen you do in weeks? Months even?"
"Never mind that," I tell him. "I just... I just want to finish up here."
"In a minute," he says. Positioning himself in front of my chair, leaning back against my desk, he folds his arms. He goes, "Where we going this year for vacation?"
I roll my eyes. "I thought you were dating that lawyer?"
"Broke it off three weeks ago. See how busy you've been? You didn't even give me any sympathy."
"Oh. Were you sad?"
"No," he grins.
"Well, then, I figured you'd have hooked up with Jill by now. You should be taking her off to Cancun or something to celebrate the end of tax season."
"Jill?" he asks, rubbing his own chin. "No, not Jill. Not my type."
I scoff.
"She's not," he protests.
It's a lie. She's exactly his type. Young, bright, with a curvy figure. But he says, "I'm not interested in dipping my wick in the company ink, Lisa."
I laugh again. Ask him, "Then what am I? A bottle of White Out that you just dunk into occasionally when you want to erase your romantic mistakes?"
He wags a finger at me and says, "You're my partner, that's different. And besides," he says, leaning closer, "since you're the workhorse partner, I just want to make sure you get the proper rewards for your efforts."
"You want to reward me? Let me draw a bigger salary, Tony."
He grins. "And we're back to the dirty talk again. For someone who's so anxious to finish her tax forms you sure are saucy."

Now available in paperback!
Online: Barnes & Noble.
Your local Barnes & Noble! -- They should have a copy of this book in stock, but if they don't, you can ask them for it and they can get a copy for you!

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Friday, December 02, 2005

This Weeks Author or the WEEK! KATE STEELE


Having been an avid reader of romance for years, and being possessed of an overactive imagination, Kate decided only recently to try her hand at writing. She discovered that, like reading, writing romance has become addictive. Whether writing about werewolves and otherworldly creatures or contemporary gay/erotic romance, she has found the perfect outlet and is thrilled to be part of the Ellora's Cave family. Kate lives in a turn-of-the-century house located on three acres in the midst of Indiana farm country. Keeping her company is her family, dogs, and other assorted pets.

Visit her at:

A look inside Orbs of Atriss
Buy it Ellora's

Lealah Redmond is about to experience the adventure of a lifetime. With the help of a lightning strike, she's transported to the planet of Atrios…stark naked. Stuck up a tree fending off a wild animal, Lea looks down-waaay down-to meet the appreciative gaze of Darien Finn Mal, her new…husband?Darien Finn Mal can hardly believe this day has finally come. The woman Chosen by the Orb of Atrios as his perfect mate has finally appeared, in all of her abundant glory. Confident that all of his plans will fall into place, Darien can't wait to get his new wife home.Too bad Lea has made it her personal mission to prove that Earth girls are NOT easy


In the small garden under the window sill a warm breeze stirred the bushes and flowers, mixing their scents. A brass wind chime swayed, it's tubular bells brushing together. The ringing was soft and insistent. The air, now smelling of lavender and lilac, stirred the filmy green curtains at the open window as it made it's way across the naked body of the woman who lay sleeping on the large four poster bed. She stirred softly at the whispering caress, a low murmur issuing from full parted lips. The ghostly ringing of the wind chime insinuated itself into the dream that began to take shape in her mind.
Delilah Redmond wandered through the silvery light. Its color gently pulsed and spun around her. Warmth caressed her naked skin, and the sound of a moaning sigh caused a shiver to slowly flow through the tension of her body. Irresistibly drawn to the sound, her bare feet carried her noiselessly across the smooth marble expanse of the floor. As she drew closer, a bed-topped platform appeared. A silken sea of blankets, sheets and pillows littered the bed and surrounding area. Amid the disarray two bodies lay entwined. Del felt her heart begin to beat faster, her breath to pick up speed. They were making love. The shock of the unexpected left her immobile. Knowing she should back away, she froze, unable to tear her eyes from that beguiling sight.
The man was incredible. Even lying down she could tell he was tall, well over six feet. Midnight dark hair fell forward like a ravens wing, shadowing his face. His body was glazed with a sheen of sweat. Muscles rippled in his wide shoulders, back, and tight buttocks with each agonizingly slow inward thrust of his lean hips. Sculpted thighs tapered down to well rounded calves, ankles and large elegantly formed feet. His legs strained with the rhythmic motion and she caught tantalizing glimpses of his cock, thick and hard . It glistened as it burrowed into the slick wet sex of the woman beneath him.
The woman writhed, meeting his thrusts with her own. Her head tossed, long chestnut hair tangled on the pillows. Her body seemed to glow with a ghostly inner light, her porcelain skin moist with exertion. Firm full breasts jiggled with each move and a low moan issued from her throat as the man above her captured a tight swollen nipple between his lips and began to suck. Her shapely, wide spread thighs rose as her legs closed tightly around his tapered waist.
Her own body tightening with need, Del felt moisture forming and flowing in her aching, empty pussy. A small whimper of want passed her lips and as she watched, the face of the woman being so tantalizingly fucked, turned toward her. Time seemed to slow as Del's eyes widened in disbelief. It was as though she stared into a mirror. She was the woman on the bed.
Eyes locked with her twin, she felt a pulling twisting motion. Her perception changed and with the alteration she found herself lying on the bed staring up into the most intense pair of sapphire blue eyes she had ever seen. His features were strong and sensual, his lips a miracle of male sculpting. His breath feathered softly over her face and his scent, the hot, spicy musk of aroused male, made her toes literally curl.
"Tezza," his voice was a deep growl that sent a shiver of anticipation sliding down her spine, "Do you want this?" Del felt his body shift against hers and looking down his long length she could see the thick quivering stalk of his aroused penis poised at the entrance of her cream filled cunt. The large plum shaped head nestled at her dripping slit. Her eyes flew back to his and again he questioned her, "Do you want me tezza?" Unable to deny the need that rose inside, despite the fact that this man was a total stranger to her, Del gave the only answer possible. "Yes!"
She felt his body tighten and saw pure male heat and satisfaction filling his eyes. Her own eyes closed and her body writhed against his in reaction, her thighs spreading wider, her pussy tensed, eager to be filled. Nothing happened. Her lids slowly lifted and again wide green eyes met that glittering sapphire stare. His hand caressed down her cheek and across her chin, his thumb grazing her full lower lip. The deep, dark, molasses smooth tones of his voice rolled over her, "Find the Orb, tezza, find the Orb." With those words echoing the room, her would be lover began to fade.
"No! Don't go. Don't go!" Del woke, her cry ringing in the empty darkness of her room. Sitting up she scanned her surroundings. The moonlight filtering through the fluttering curtains made it possible for her to see that she was in her own bed and as usual, totally alone.
"Damn, why is it you always wake up just when you're probably about to have the best sex you've ever had in your life?" she questioned the room at large. A loud groan of frustration burst from deep inside as she flopped bonelessly back onto the pillows. Lying there staring up at the canopy, fragments of the dream played through her mind. Seeing him, feeling the heat of his skin, hearing his voice, her arousal became an insistent ache. Her hands slowly caressed her body, lightly drifting over her heated skin. She cupped swollen breasts, the sensitive nipples hardening under her palms as she gently massaged them. One hand strayed down over her gently rounded stomach, fingers tangling in the damp curls that guarded her throbbing sex. Her juices saturated the puffed lips of her outer labia. She momentarily considered using the vibrator that reposed in the drawer of her bedside stand but vetoed the idea immediately. Why did it seem that using it would be a betrayal of him? Instead she slid a finger into the snug slippery channel of her pussy, circling and caressing her throbbing clit.
Imagining her dream lover, his face buried between her spread thighs, his tongue licking at her dripping cunt, her fingers began a quicker pace. Sliding to the hot slippery entrance of her vagina they rubbed and penetrated then slid back up to gently but firmly manipulate the tiny bundle of nerves that drove her. Delilah hooked one ankle on the edge of the mattress pulling her thighs wider apart, her hips undulating in a steady pumping rhythm. Sweat broke out on her skin as her lungs labored. Small moans became a long wailing cry as her vagina began to quiver and throb, a rush of creamy liquid gushing from inside. Orgasm washed over her heaving body.
Lying in a sated sprawl, breath returning to normal, taut muscles relaxing, she yawned, moving over on her side to stare out the window. Sleep was quickly reclaiming her. Heavy eyelids closing she murmured, "Wish he was mine."

Meanwhile in another dimension:

Darien Finn Mal awoke with the words, "Find the Orb tezza, find the Orb," falling from his finely chiseled lips and echoing in the stillness of his bed chamber.
"By the Mother! Tezza if you don't come to me soon I shall go mad!" Dare lay back with a heartfelt groan, his hand irresistibly drawn to encircle the hot engorged length of his aching cock. He briefly considered calling one of his body servants to him but dismissed the idea. Why did it seem that it would be a betrayal of her?
Instead he let the dream play through his head. He felt again her smooth naked body lying under him, saw that long silky chestnut hair spread over his pillows. He envisioned her oval face with its high cheek bones, slender nose, and heavily lashed wide green eyes with golden amber flecks. And those lips! Eagerly parted, small panting breaths issuing from between their full perfectly kissable shape. His hand began a slow stroking movement as he pictured her breasts. They were a definite handful. Firm and ripe, large tan aureoles surrounding hardened brown nipples which had turned an amazing shade of ruby red when he had taken one in his mouth to nibble and suck. Mentally, his gaze wandered down her body to her tapering waist, the tempting curve of her quivering stomach, the indented belly button and her lush full hips.
A groan made its way up his tensed throat as the speed of his pumping strokes increased. His other hand cupped the heavy sack of his scrotum, massaging in rhythm with the strokes at his straining cock. He pictured the chestnut curls that guarded her sex. He could smell the sweet fragrant musk of her arousal, and see the glistening cream that coated the swollen lips of her pussy.
Dare imagined her rising to her knees and kneeling over him. Her luscious mouth parted. Her dainty tongue slid over the plump engorged head of his throbbing shaft. Her graceful hand wrapped around the hard column, her fingers unable to meet around his girth. As her tongue licked and probed, her hand began slow squeezing strokes. Mouth opening wider, she eagerly engulfed the silken skinned, iron hard, column.
The sensations evoked by the mental picture of his beautiful tezza working his staff with her hands while her full lips and hot mouth sucked, was overwhelming. A deep groan was torn from his lips as his body arched. Thick hot streams of cum spurted from the angry reddish head of his spasmodically pulsing cock to land on his muscled torso. A long sigh of relief blew from his parted lips as he lay regaining his breath. Languidly reaching to the bedside stand, he dipped a cloth in the water of the basin that reposed there. Dare wiped the cooling semen from his skin as his cock and straining muscles began to relax. Sleep again made its claim and he yawned, rolling to his side. As his eyes closed against the moonlight filtering in the open window, he whispered a promise into the night, "You're mine tezza, mine.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sylvia Day!

Sylvia Day is the multi-published author of highly sensual romantic fiction set in historical and futuristic settings. A wife and mother of two from Southern California, she is a former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence.
After deciding at the age of twelve that she wanted to be a romance novelist, she waited until years later to begin her first novel. A year after she first sat down at the keyboard, she sold her first book to Kensington Brava, and in the following nine months she sold two more novels, two novellas, and four short stories. She now writes for four publishers, in four sub-genres. She is also the President and founder of Passionate Ink, Romance Writers of America's first and only erotic romance special interest chapter.
Sylvia loves being a romance author. The best part of writing for her is when she finally gets a pivotal scene on paper, re-reads it and sighs, "Damn, that's good!". Unfortunately, those scenes are usually few and far between. Most require a great deal of thought, rewrites, more thought, more rewrites. (But she wouldn't trade it for the world!)Also a voracious romance novel reader, Sylvia still manages to keep up with her two children. She's blessed with an understanding husband who is proud of her writing and doesn't mind in the slightest that her computer sees her more often than he does.
2004 IRW Golden Opportunity1st Place Historical & Best of the Best Winner
2004 Lori Foster/Brava Contest Reader's Choice Winner
2004 Gateway to the RestHistorical Winner
2004 Some Like it Hot Finalist
2005 Amber Heat Author Winner
2005 Silver Rose Website Contest Finalist

Go to her site and enter her contest!!

Bad Boys Ahoy EXCERPT

HER MAD GRACE, the third story in the BAD BOYS AHOY!“You’re in a fine mood,” Charlotte noted, smiling against the rim of her cup. Hugh La Coeur was also in fine form. Dressed in warm shades of brown, he made her mouth water, the handsomeness of his features lit by a boyish smile.“I am. Mores the pity for you.” He waggled his brows suggestively. She laughed. “A girl could become accustomed to having you around.”“I hope you do.” He pushed away his empty plate and stood, moving to her chair. “Shall we retire to my room and study your map?” Charlotte rose, a sharp tingle of awareness coursing through her veins. She glanced at Hugh over her shoulder and batted her lashes. “I thought studying the map came later?” Her eyes dropped to his trousers and she watched, fascinated, as his cock swelled before her eyes. “Stop that.” He grabbed her elbow and led her to the stairs. “Stop what?” she asked innocently, biting back a smile.“You know very well what,” he said, his voice a slow drawl that made her toes curl in her slippers. “Drooling while staring at my cock.”“I did no such thing!” she protested, choking back a giggle as they ascended the stairs.He shot her an arch glance. “You did too, insatiable minx. A man can hardly get any rest around here.”She choked. “Horrid man! You wouldn’t leave me alone. How many times did I roll over and attempt sleep?”“Several,” he said smoothly. “But it wasn’t long before you’d be reaching for me again.”Charlotte paused on the middle stair. “Only because your erection was poking me in the spine!”Hugh shrugged in exquisite nonchalance. “You were wiggling.”She stared at him, fighting back laughter, her entire body warming to the sensual amusement she found in his dark gaze. He was so devastatingly handsome, full of vigor and mischief. He was a man who lived life, while she’d spent the last few years in a daze. She was drawn to that energy, to that zest, wanting to absorb the thrill of it into the marrow of her bones.Unable to help herself, she stepped forward and offered him her mouth. With a deep groan, he obliged, gifting her with one of his sensual kisses. Charlotte melted against him, her hands drifting to clutch the powerful muscles of his shoulders.“See?” he murmured, licking her parted lips. “You are doing it again.”

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Coming Soon

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